How to start a WordPress blog in minutes with Bluehost web hosting.

Starting a new blog or lifestyle website can be fun, fast and easy with my step by step guide that walks you through it, in just a few clicks you can be finished in no time.

Blue host is a recommended WordPress hosting provider with 1 click installation.

Opening a BlueHost account takes minutes, then you will be on your way to living your dreams. With WordPress made easy, 24/7 support to help you out if you need it, a money back guarantee and over $150.00 in ad offers from Google, Bing and others you can’t go wrong.

blue host web hosting

Start by selecting your plan. It’s better to go with the recommended suggestion that way you won’t have to worry about when your website grows in the future.

2 Select Plan

Select your domain name. Something associated with your niche, or blog. Or go with an existing one.

3 Domain

Select a method of payment.

5 Payment Info

Secure it with a strong password.

6 Password

7 Password Step 2

Now create a new password for your account. Congratulations! You’re Done.

8 Login

Now pair the theme that inspires you.  You can always change your mind later if you are not sure what to choose.

9 Pick Theme

All done, how simple was that. Now start building your site!

10 WP Login

This will be your new view from inside the WordPress dashboard.

11 WP Dashboard

Click on the right-hand side of your dashboard to launch your site.

12 Bluehost Tools

Now for the exciting part go ahead launch your brand new site.

12 Launch Site

Say hello to your new website. That’s it. How easy was that!

13 Bluerock Cpanel

So there you have it a brand new WordPress website with Bluehost as your web hosting provider.  Just so you know I do receive a commission if you join through one of my links, that is in no way a charge to you.