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How do you deal with clutter at work, I don’t know if you are like me but I despise clutter, anywhere in my life.

I read an interesting article this weekend on the psychology of space and what it does to boost your creativity.

That the lack of open space can reduce your productivity at work and at home.

                                               This means clutter

The problem with clutter is that it kills your focus whether it’s physical, digital or mental.

It can stress you out, I get stressed out when I am surrounded by clutter. I can’t think at all. If I see that my workspace is buried in a pile of paper I can barely think of what it is that I have to do next. It really hinders my productivity.

It slows me down. It is amazing at how a bit of clutter can make a simple task take so much longer than it needs to. Trying to find things on your desk is a waste of a  lot of time.

I try to keep my desk clear but every few days the papers pile up, the post-its are everywhere it all starts to become overwhelming, then before you know it a pile of clutter is born.

So here are my tips to help you, get from underneath your clutter at work. Take a quick look at your desk and decide what do you really need on top of it to actually do the job. Try to limit the amount of stuff that will stay on top. Everything else can go in your desk drawer or in a folder in a filing cabinet.

I make time for this every Friday so when I start work on Monday it’s with a clean organized desk. It’s a fresh start to the new work week, that way I’m not distracted by the clutter that was built up from last week.

All it takes is 15 minutes on Friday afternoon before you leave to figure out what to keep on it and what needs to be filed before heading home for the weekend.

It can make a big difference in boosting your productivity for the start of next week.