How becoming a minimalist can help you live a better life is plain and simple to me. Ever wonder what all the fuss over becoming a minimalist is about well here are 7 great reasons to change your life.


When you simplify your home and possessions you can focus on what matters to you the most. You will definitely spend less time cleaning, and more time will be spent on your passions. Your time will go into what you value the most.


As a minimalist, you will spend less money choosing quality over quantity. You won’t buy things for the sake of buying things. Ads will no longer guide you. No impulsive shopping here. The money saved can go towards memorable experiences in your life such as travel, family or your bucket list.


Minimalism simplifies your decision-making process; either the item is of use to me, or the time and experience adds value to my life and is in keeping with who I am. If it doesn’t then its a no.


You will have less debt, more space, and less clutter. You will own only the possessions that you love or that add value to your life. With all of these positive things, you will undoubtedly create a life that encourages a greater form of happiness.


Practicing minimalism will also likely impact how you eat. You will start to practice mindful eating and you will start to choose the types of food that make you feel good.  Your carbon footprint will start to reflect on the planet with your new minimalistic lifestyle.


Minimizing what you own can be scary and sometimes hard to let go at first. Donate anything you haven’t used in the last 12-18 months to your local charity or shelter. I can’t stress enough to you at how great it feels to throw sh*t out.


Now, this is a big one for me! Ask yourself where are you spending most of your time. If you work from home like me, it can be very easy to lose hours in the day through distractions. Break your work day into time chunks set an alarm for each task and turn off your phone or at the very least mute it. I use my Free Printable Downloads to block out my time so I can set aside 2-3 hours a day to get my writing done. This way I can make sure nothing can disturb me.

To embrace a minimalist lifestyle you must first determine what your values are. Your values become your personal standards. The physical space in which you live is the best place to begin. When you’re not weighted down, you’re lighter, freer and happier.

Please feel free to share this with your friends. Send me an email on how you have made steps to change your life towards a minimalist lifestyle.