Hi there, Big thanks for stopping by. Are you looking for makeup ideas, makeup tips, before and after photos and product reviews? Well, you have come to the right place my name is Michele Grant and my love for color, style, and makeup are my true passions. I started this blog back in October of last year and it has gone through so many twists and turns, I realize something and that is if you are going to have a blog, write about what you love. Well, I love makeup yeah I said it makeup. When I started my very first business it was as a makeup artist in NYC. I became a very successful artist, going on to achieving many lifetime goals for my work, 20 magazine covers, editorials, and NYC fashion shows it was all very exciting and very rewarding. All the years of crazy hours and long shoots where starting to take their toll on me, so I decided to pull back and work for one of the major cosmetic companies as a manager while maintaining my freelance business. Having worked on hundreds and hundreds of faces, my achievements are many but I am here today to share with you my knowledge and passion. The love of makeup!

So my goal is very clear makeup, makeovers, product reviews, before and after photos, any and everything makeup let’s not forget hair too:)